Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

The eyes, the most important organ of a human body; they are not only important as because they are meant to allow us vision, but they are equally important in the context of looks and beauty especially among women. The eyes are the most intriguing features of a woman’s face. Most women are very particular about their eye makeup. If you too belong to the list, you need to know the perfect makeup for enhancing the beauty of your eyes even more. The most important part of the eye makeup is the eye shadow; there are different eye shadow colors meant to suit different eye colors. Brown eyes are the most intriguing and attractive eyes and you should be very selective when you are choosing an Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes.

If you are a brown eyed beauty, you will be fascinated to know that the depth of brown eyes opens up a numerous opportunities for experimenting with eye shadows. You need not be very judgmental while choosing the right eye shadow for brown eyes. You can adorn your eyes with colors that others wish they could wear if they too had been blessed with such neutral colored eyes like yours.

Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

For selecting the perfect eye shadow for brown eyes, you need to understand the actual shade of your eyes, if you are blessed with dark brown eyes then, take my words, you can use, any color for shading your eyes. If you are wearing light colors like gold, copper or bronze, then think about mixing them with some more vibrant shades. Darker shades make brown eyes look all the more appealing and exotic if applied in the crease. For yet more eloquent look, make sure you apply the shade onto the outer corner in upward strokes. This gives an instant lift to your eyes and clubbed with darker eyeliner the effect is all the more ravishing.

It is exciting to experiment with eye shadows for brown eyes, simply because of the reason as discussed earlier, brown eyes goes with every shade. Right from forest green, bright green, deeper shades of blue and purple, you can wear anything. It is all the more exciting if you wear shades of contrasting colors, for example, a blue eye shadow highlighted with a shade that is somewhere near orange or dark blue shade highlighted with gold or copper colors. The touch of gold will bring the touch of a yellowish tone to complement your dark blue eye shadow. But be very particular about blending the colors well if you are going for contrasting eye shades. An unblended eye shadow will look patchy and untidy, spoiling your entire look.

But what about women who have light brown eyes? Do they need to rely upon only lighter eye shadows for brown eyes, the eyes that are not as brown as they would have liked?  Well, this is not so, women with light brown eyes can also have a wide range of colors to choose from. They can choose to wear dark shades too as long as the depth of their eyes is not suppressed by the shades they choose. Light brown eyed women must wear shades over the crease and need to blend the colors well for a softer appeal. Versatility is the key thing behind the beauty of the light brown eyes and women with light brown eyes can experiment with eye shades depending upon their moods or the occasions.

Whatever shades of brown your eyes are, it can never prevent you from wearing your favorite shades. Darker shades are not only meant for dark colored eyes. The key behind selecting an Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes that are not very dark is to choose a sheer color that will not overpower the depth of the eyes. You are free to play with colors and highlight your eyes with lighter shades like pink or yellow. This will completely redefine your looks. The finishing touch must be with brown eyeliner to etch out a defining look for your eyes.

Choosing the right eye shadow for brown eyes isn’t a mammoth’s task. You can choose a lot of color for your eyes, but keep in mind they go well with your skin tone. Wear your heart’s choice and highlight them with contrasting color. Only see to it that your eyes do not look patchy or overpower due to the shades. Never, stop experimenting; and you will discover a new look every time you are ready to party.